Healing your Body after a C-section

Post c-section holistic treatments programme for body and soul healing.


Having a c-section does not mean you need to carry an achy and burdensome body for the rest of your life. It means your body probably needs a bit more care and attention in order for you to feel comfortable in it again.

I can help you restore your faith in your body, lower your stress levels and reduce or eliminate your pain with exclusive body treatments that include massage and energy healing.

Work with me and we will

  • Create a personalized plan based on the changes you have experienced during and after your pregnancy.
  • Clean and balance your energy.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Reduce of eliminate the pain and stiffness created by the c-section.
  • Reconnect and restore the healthy flow of energy through your body.
  • Get rid of old emotions and patterns that are keeping you down.

Ready To Work With Me?


To ensure that we spend as much time as possible on the hands-on stuff,
I kindly ask that you fill out a pre-screening form prior to your session.

I know you can feel there is something different with your body since the birth of your baby. Weeks and months are passed and it still feels heavy and sore. The bad news is that recovering from a c-section is not easy and, many times, things don’t get better on its own.

There are women who still feel pain in their scar, back or hips weeks, months and even years after their c-section.

They might be feeling it all the time. Or they feel it only when they move, stand up or lift some weight (like their baby). They usually wonder whether it is normal and when it will go away. Some of them feel a pulling sensation from their belly that could even prevent them from standing tall.

You may think that your body is feeling this way because you are tired and sleep deprived. But there is something more. Your life has changed and your body has changed. I bet this journey has been exciting, rewarding and full of joy, but you have also experienced stress and anxiety at times, along with worry, guilt or frustration.

If you haven’t found a healthy way of releasing these emotions, you could still be carrying them and they will be affecting your body and your mind. It is time you let go of these negative energy.

Many times women that have gone through a c-section do not get the necessary support. Baby is the centre of attention for everyone around. And for many people c-sections are still the easy way out. Mum’s feelings are not acknowledged or they are simply not understood. You took the best decision for you and your baby, but you might still need to grieve the loss of the birth you expected. And yes, mums are amazing creatures and you can feel ecstatic and grateful about the birth of your baby and still feel disappointment about the way they entered the world.

What is my approach? How do I help you?

When you come and work with me I create a personalised treatment based on your individual needs. No two women are the same.

I use a holistic approach that looks at your entire body as a balanced system. When one part of it is out of balance, the body tends to overcompensate.

That is why I treat the whole body and massage areas like legs, hips or neck not only to alleviate the effects of the surgery but also to allow the body to go back to its natural patterns.

I use massage and soft stretching to break the adhesions and soften the scar tissue that can cause the pain, the pulling and the stiffness that you feel not only in the area of the c-section scar but in areas far apart from it.

However, I completely believe that our physical body is connected to our emotions and in order to achieve a complete healing it is necessary to work with the emotional body. Emotions like sadness, grief, guilt, stress or dis-empowerment result in heavy energy that you carry with you wherever your go. No wonder you feel so tired!

All that unwanted energy will affect your organs, your muscles, your mood and your thought processes. Even your baby can feel them as at this moment they are very dependent on you.

The good news is that you can get rid of this baggage of low vibration energy and feel lighter, think clearer, get a better rest and be able to enjoy life more.

I use Reiki, a hands-on healing method, that gently removes the blocks that are slowing down the flow of energy within your body. We will work on your energy body in order to release negativity and stress, clean the unwanted energy, and balance and reconnect your energy. You will feel this effects from the first session and they will increase as the programme goes on.

Motherhood is not easy and you don’t need to make it harder on yourself. With my help, you can find the way to release the negative energy, reduce your pain, decrease you stress levels and walk lighter.

And it is never too late. Once postnatal, always postnatal, they say.
It doesn’t matter if your c-section was 2 months, 2 years or 20 years ago,
you have a chance for healing.

This Treatment Is For You If You

  • Have given birth by c-section (once or more). No matter how long ago you had your baby or babies.
  • Feel there has been a before and after your c-section and don’t feel comfortable in your body anymore.
  • Feel stressed and overtired. You are not sick, but there is an underlying feeling that something is out of balance.
  • Want to get rid of pain, tension or stiffness. Yes, that tightness around your scar too.
  • Feel disconnected from your body or parts of it.
  • Are ready to take responsibility towards your own healing.
  • Can attend the sessions in London.


Initial Private Session in London Zone 1 + 1 Follow up call or chat £90

Follow Up Sessions in London Zone 1 £60

Although you can feel the effects of the treatment after the first session,
at least 3 or 4 sessions are usually needed to get full results.


The location of my practice is

Health in the City
Room 57
65 London Wall
London EC2M 5TU
United Kingdom


Tube: Liverpool Stret, Moorgate, Bank
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Health in the City


How long after the birth can I have this treatment?

As soon as you want. It can be days, weeks, months of years after the birth of your baby.

If you have a c-section and want to have scar work, we will need to wait until the scar is not tender. This should take between 6 to 12 weeks but some women will wait longer until they feel comfortable with the touch. It is your body and the most important thing is that you feel ready for it.

How many sessions am I going to need?

I cannot say. Every woman is different. You will feel the effects of the treatment after the first session, but it might take at least 3 or 4 sessions to get full results. Some women need more than that.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

It is usually good to leave some space between the sessions. I usually recommend having a session a week.  Sometimes, there are women that are in a lot of pain or need more help and I can see them twice a week or more.

Can I bring my baby with me?

This is a moment for the mother to heal and relax. It is better if you can take this time only for yourself and leave the baby with someone else. However, I understand that this is not always possible and I will accommodate your baby should you bring it with you.

Ready To Work With Me?


To ensure that we spend as much time as possible on the hands-on stuff,
I kindly ask that you fill out a pre-screening form prior to your session.

About Me

My name is Eva Torres and I am a massage therapist, Reiki master and pilates instructor. I am also a Rossiter coach and I am qualified as a Pre and Postnatal therapist and exercise instructor. I have years of experience in the field of body and energy healing. I am a mum as well who gave birth by emergency c-section. After the birth of my daughter, I decided I wanted to focus on helping women like me to feel better and reconnect with their bodies and their lives after having babies.

I help mums to reduce or get rid of the physical pain they carry since the birth of their babies. That includes specific treatment for women that gave birth by c-section. I also support them so they can release negative energy, thoughts and emotions, create body and mind balance, lower their stress levels and improve their movement and range of motion.

Ready To Work With Me?


To ensure that we spend as much time as possible on the hands-on stuff,
I kindly ask that you fill out a pre-screening form prior to your session.

Still have questions?

Contact me if you still need more info about my programme.