Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones Ceremony for Mums in London

Mum with Baby. Closing the BonesClosing the Bones is more than a massage. It is a ritual and a ceremony. It is a celebration of motherhood and a way of supporting a woman through a transition. During this healing ritual, the circle of pregnancy and childbirth is closed. It is a joyous celebration of motherhood and an opportunity of reflecting on the journey from conception to birth.


Closing the bones is a postnatal hip and belly massage which involves using a rebozo (a shawl) to rock and bind the mother’s hips, together with a massage with a special warming oil of the abdomen and hips with very specific movements.


This ritual is an old tradition from the indigenous people of Ecuador. Mothers used to receive it 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days after the birth. Closing the bones helped the woman to heal and recover from labour and also it was a way of honouring and supporting the mother. This tradition was dissapearing and getting forgotten, but a ecuatorian midwife called Rocio Alarcon has been recovering this ancestral wisdom and teaching it again both in Europe and in Ecuador.


How do you perform Closing the Bones?


In a warm and quiet room, I create a sacred healing space for this ceremony. Lights are dimmed if possible, a mat and some blankets are placed on the floor, there is soft music playing.  When the woman is ready, we start with some energy cleansing and then she lies on a mat on the floor.


With the help of a shawl, the hips of the woman that have widened and open to accommodate the growing baby and to give birth are gently rocked and pulled back into place. The gentle rocking  movement has a soothing effect. We are also honouring the work this hips had to go through to bring a new life into the world.


Some warm oil is applied all over the skin of the belly and a gentle massage begins. The movements are rhythmic and relaxing, bringing the energy of the woman back to her center. We are lovingly taking care of this area where a baby grew. Both giver and receiver acknowledge this great achievement.


For the last part of the ceremony, I wrap the hips with a tight knot or, if the woman wants, I use five rebozos to wrap different parts of her body. I will then leave the woman to rest as I hold this sacred space for her. Some energy work can be done to get her back to center, balance her energy and relax her.


This whole process would take around one and a half hours. After the ritual, we advice the person to stay at home and rest, enjoying the results of the massage and the binding. Energy can still be released from the hips or other parts of the body in the hours after the ceremony has taken place.


What is a Rebozo o Manta?


A rebozo o manta is a shawl that is part of the traditional dress of many indigenous women in Latin America. It is worn over the shoulders but it is also used to carry their babies in their backs. Traditional midwives use it as a tool to help women in their births and also after the birth they bind the women’s hips in order to close the bones.


When can I have Closing the Bones?


It can be done anytime after the delivery, 2 days, 2 months, 2 years or 20 years after you have given birth. After a c-section, I advise women to wait until the wound is healed before having Closing the Bones.


You can have it done as many times as you would like. Traditionally it was done 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days after birth.


Who can have Closing the Bones?


In Ecuador, Closing the Bones is done to mothers in the weeks after they have had their babies. However, you can experience this ritual no matter how far ago you had your children. The gentle abdominal massage, the rocking and binding of the hips can help you centre your energy, giving you a sense of calm and grounding.


Women that have never birthed a child are also able to find huge value in the physical, emotional and spiritual release that this ritual brings. Receiving a closing the bones ceremony can support women in transition times like menopause or on a girls first period.


Where can I have Closing the Bones?


I offer this ceremony as a home visit in East London, but it can be arranged to do it at my therapy room. When babies are small, they can stay on their mother’s chest. This is the time to focus on the mum and therefore I ask that older babies or children are not in the room.


When I do this at my client’s I ask them to use a quiet room. We need to have enough space for her to lay on the floor and for me to move around her and the room should be warm so I can perform the massage on the belly. It could be the living room, the bedroom or the study. I bring a mat and the rebozo to lay on the floor. In order to create a special feeling,  I use an aroma diffuser to gently disperse essential oils through the air. We can have some small lights or candles and play relaxing music.

Room prepare to perform a Closing the Bones ritual

Prices and Location

Closing the Bones Ceremony in London (home visit) £85

I can take Closing the Bones to you if you live in one of the following London boroughs: Hackney, Islington, Candem, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, City of London, Haringey, Westminster.

Closing the Bones Ceremony in my practice in Central London  £85

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