Why my c-section scar pain is worse on one side?

2 Feb 2018

In the months following my child’s birth, my scar was healing but my abdomen was still hurting. It was worse when I sit down or got up from the bed, when I was pushing the pram or when I was lifting or pushing something heavy. However, I noticed that the c-section scar pain and tightness were always worse on my right side. I consulted my GP and he just shrugged his shoulders. He did not know why this was happening. I felt like a freak because there was no apparent cause: the healing process was all right and there was no hernia.

From the information I got to know, it looks it is a common complaint between women that have had a c-section. Some mums will feel it with certain movements, like when they stand up, others only when they lift something heavy.

From what I have heard (and, I am sorry but I don’t have any clinical evidence about it) the side that feels tighter is the side where the surgeon was standing. It seems that when they stitch the wound up, they pull harder from that side and that is why the c-section scar feels tighter there.

It seems this is only an inconvenience but, in reality, it creates an imbalance in the soft tissues of your abdomen that can result in back problems. There are some ligaments that attach the womb to the sacrum, the bone at the base of your spine. If the area is tighter on one side, they can pull the sacrum causing lower back pain. It can restrict your body movement and cause poor posture.


How did I manage to ease this c-section scar pain?


I massaged the c-section scar and surrounding area in order to break down the adhesions, soften the area and ease the feeling. Massage also improves the blood flow to the area. I also used some energy healing to restore the flow of subtle energy through the body.

Some women start feeling pain in their c-section scar months or even years after birth. This can be caused by the scar tissue remodelling. It can take years for the process to finish. My child is almost 5 years old and I can still feel my c-section scar changing. This can also be caused by nerve re-growth. During the surgery, nerves are cut and it can take years for them to regrow and reconnect. This is the reason some women do not feel anything around the c-section scar. When these nerves reconnect the feeling in the area returns and that is the moment the woman starts noticing the pain and tightness.

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