When birth does not end pregnancy

Natural birth is a great event. Loads of things happen. At a subtle level, that stored energy is released in order to bring a new baby into the world. Those who have been present when a baby is born can feel all the extraordinary energy that fills the room.

What happens with women that go through c-section? Many will not experience that energy release. Every woman is different and there will be differences between births. Sometimes there were labours and even pushing before the c-section. Elective c-sections usually are done before any of these happen.

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C-section scar tissue and adhesions

Scar tissue and adhesions are issues we deal with in c-section healing. In fact, post-surgical scar adhesions happen after most pelvic and abdominal surgeries.

An adhesion is a fibrous band of scar tissue that grows between organs or muscles, glueing them together. Adhesions will restrict the internal movement and will stick together tissues that normally would not be connected.

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