When birth does not end pregnancy

22 Feb 2018

Pregnancy is an energy cycle. Let’s say it starts at conception, even though some people would say it starts before. During the months of pregnancy, the fetus is growing in the belly. Meanwhile, the body also stores energy that will be released during birth.

Natural birth is a great event. Loads of things happen. At a subtle level, that stored energy is released in order to bring a new baby into the world. Those who have been present when a baby is born can feel all the extraordinary energy that fills the room.

What happens with women that go through c-section? Many will not experience that energy release. Every woman is different and there will be differences between births. Sometimes there were labours and even pushing before the c-section. Elective c-sections usually are done before any of these happen.

This birth energy that was not released will still be stored in their belly. Most common is that this energy is found in the second chakra, right below the navel. Chakras are energy centres in the body. The second chakra is related to our sexuality and also to our creativity, like when, in pregnancy, we create a human being from scratch.

What happens then? It depends on the woman, how connected she is with her body, and how aware of the changes. Some will not feel anything. Others can have problems moving, or sitting. Some will probably only said that something is off. Their body is different, but they will think it is due to the natural changes in pregnancy and postpartum.

The story of Marta and her post-birth belly

Marta had an emergency c-section 9 months ago. She felt disappointed at the time because she had expended months preparing for a natural birth and instead of giving birth she was handed a newborn. She felt something was missing at the time and had problems bonding with her new baby.

However, months later, she felt she had come to terms with the way her baby was born and she had lost the weight she got during her pregnancy. Her scar had healed with no problems and was not especially painful. However, her body was sending her strange signals. She had problems bending over or stretching out for things. She felt she had lost flexibility and connection with the part of her body around the c-section scar. She thought it all was a side effect of the surgery.

After working with Marta, it was clear that there was some energy block around the area. Physically, there was nothing wrong in her belly. All her tissues were working fine. Energy work helped release that blockage.

Usually, I will use Reiki during my sessions to release this kind of blockage. It is also common to have this experiences during a closing the bones ceremony. However, it is important to note that every woman will respond differently to this energy work. We, the therapist, are not healing, it is the client that heals herself with our help.

About Me

My name is Eva Torres. I am a mum that works with mums. I am a postnatal therapist and I help women after birth to increase their energy, get rid of pain, reconnect with their bodies and find balance.