Are you looking for a postnatal programme that is different?

Are you tired of postnatal routines and advice that do not target your needs?
If your birth experience was different, why are you following the same path?
Mums have different challenges both physically and energetically.
I offer Conscious Healing services for mums after giving birth.

Are you feeling a stranger in your own body?

Contrary to popular belief, c-sections are quite hard and their effects on your body can be felt for months or years.

Your body is in pain

Back pain, pelvic pain or pain around your scar are common with mums that had a c-section. However, it does not mean that they need to be with you forever.

You feel out of balance

You are not sick. But you are not well either. There may be fatigue, lack of energy. You might feel disconnected from parts or all your body. In general, you feel something is wrong.

Your want to feel better

There are so many things to do in your life. You need to feel better in order to enjoy your kids, your energy, your work.

You need some guidance

You need a holistic approach that involves soft tissue work, energy healing, exercise and nutrition in order to make the most of your new mama body.

Hello, I am Eva Torres, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor.

I am a postnatal therapist and I work with mums that want to increase their energy, get rid of pain and find more balance.

I especially help those women that had a c-section or those who find difficult to reconnect with their bodies after the birth of their baby.

This is what you can expect with my services and programmes


Reconnect with your body after the changes in pregnancy and birth.


Reduce or eliminate the pain and stiffness created by the c-section.


Boost the healthy flow of energy through your body.


Lower your stress levels.


Improve your movement and range of motion.


Increase your body awareness.


Take control of your own healing.

When birth does not end pregnancy

Natural birth is a great event. Loads of things happen. At a subtle level, that stored energy is released in order to bring a new baby into the world. Those who have been present when a baby is born can feel all the extraordinary energy that fills the room.

What happens with women that go through c-section? Many will not experience that energy release. Every woman is different and there will be differences between births. Sometimes there were labours and even pushing before the c-section. Elective c-sections usually are done before any of these happen.

What is the Core and what happens to it after pregnancy and c-section?

There are several postnatal programmes to recover your core after birth. Our abs are part of the core, but it includes other muscles: pelvic floor muscles, muscles in the back and hips and the diaphragm.

Why my c-section scar pain is worse on one side?

C-section scar pain or tightness is usually worse on one side than the other. Why is this happening? What can we do about it?

Water. Why hydration is essential for c-section healing

Optimal hydration is essential for healing after a c-section. We need to remember that two-thirds of our body is water. Water is vital to our own existence.

Healing from a C-section?

I have created a printable worksheet that you can use to track your progress week by week.

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